Day 329 – Mental Arts: Part 1

For the next ten days, I would like to share 5 concepts a day that, collectively, I have come to call Mental Arts. They are the convictions I have adopted over the years through the trials and triumphs of my life. I am a huge fan of looking for the lesson in every situation. If you have been reading this blog all year, you will recognize some of these. If not, please enjoy them all now. These are the things I believe and/or do to get through adversity. Crises do happen. They have happened plenty in my life. These things apply to war, peace, love, loss, strength, weakness, sickness, health, injury, disaster, terrorist attacks, routine life, travel, and life at home. However, it has been in the aftermath of my life’s crisis moments that they have been my most valuable companions.

  1. Service before self. Turning outward and serving others takes one’s focus off self, personal problems, and pain. It channels one’s energy in positive directions and it leads to a feeling of pride in accomplishment when one makes a positive difference to someone else.
  2. Accomplishments boost morale like nothing else.
  3. The secret to contentment is gratitude.
  4. One’s feelings are the caboose, not the engine of life.
  5. One can direct one’s feelings by acting as though they already feel the way they want to feel.

More tomorrow…

Day 328 – Nothing Succeeds Like Success

In the military, there is a concept known as “Confidence Targets”. This is when newly trained personnel are given an assignment that their leader knows they can achieve. It is designed to allow them to put their brand new skills to work in the real world and prove to themselves that it can be done. Not only can it be done, they have everything they need in order to do it. Once it is accomplished, the newbie gets a huge confidence boost and knows that he/she is fully capable of doing it again the the future. Even if the next one is a bit more difficult, just having the confidence that comes from accomplishment sets them up for success.

This is the way we should train and perform in all our survival and self-defense capabilities. Once we learn a new skill, we should go ahead and employ it in a crawl/walk/run kind of way. If your new skill is in firearms or hand to hand combat, you will only want to employ it in a training environment. If it is a survival skill, go ahead and use it. Unused skills get rusty. Using the things we know how to do keeps them sharp and builds our confidence to reach higher and higher levels of difficulty.

Day 327 – The 8 Signs: Deployment

If we have missed all seven preceding signs and have not intervened so far, than the eighth sign is deployment. This is show time. Everything is in place and they are ready to act. They will show up, gain access, move into position, communicate (if there are more than one), and attack. They may or may not be nervous. They may be hyper vigilant. They may be hyper focused. They may have tunnel vision and not notice (hear or see) anything but their intended target. They may be confident in all their preparation and ready to attack. They will be in “mission mode” and moving with a purpose. If you see someone or multiple people acting this way, elevate your condition to red, get out of there, and call the police. This is the time to enact Run-Hide-Fight.

Day 326 – The 8 Signs: Rehearsal

The seventh sign is when the criminal/s begin to rehearse their attack. At this stage, they have acquired all the information and supplies they need and are now ready to start testing that information, equipment, and their own capabilities. They would ideally do this in as much solitude as possible, but they might have to walk through their plan in broad daylight, trying to blend into the local populace. They will need to coordinate with each other so they will most likely be communicating by radio or cell phone. They will need to gain access and move themselves into position, each one carrying out his/her own part in the plan according to time and sequence of events.