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Bringing you the very best of over three decades of training in captivity prevention and hostage survival as well as hostage recovery support services
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Why would I need to take Anti Kidnapping and Hostage Survival or a similar travel security course?

I am sure that many readers look at our Anti Kidnapping and Hostage Survival (AKHS) course offering and ask “Why would I ever need that?” Some of you have responded similarly on Facebook and even in person. Others might say that taking something like this will just make them paranoid. We have heard all of …

Why would I need to take Anti Kidnapping and Hostage Survival or a similar travel security course?Read More »

Human Trafficking Problems, Starting South of the Border

Global Human Trafficking Networks (GHTNs) all have similar traits, but the networks in Mexico and all of Central America are some of the worst. What does it take for these organizations to run, make money, and survive? Human Trafficking, like any illicit business model, is first driven by demand for the product or service and …

Human Trafficking Problems, Starting South of the BorderRead More »

Power, Networks, Money, and Lies

The News Media is currently focused on multi-millionaire Jeffrey Epstein and those who have stepped forward to accuse him of human trafficking. This case is high profile because of the number of wealthy personalities and celebrities who are linked to his  outlandish parties. Many ask how Epstein could have been able to commit these crimes …

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No Going Back

I had an opportunity the other day to speak at length with a woman who had come out of 4 years of sex trafficking. She was quite open with her story and welcomed every question I had. I learned some tremendously important things in the course of hearing her story. Several times, during the course …

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The Importance of Training

Yesterday, the US Department of State Overseas Advisory Council made this statement about companies who send personnel overseas. “Due to the prevalence of crime in Ghana, ensure travelers and in-country personnel exercise good security practices, and consider providing training and behavior modification to improve situational awareness and reduce practices that can increase vulnerability; criminals routinely exploit …

The Importance of TrainingRead More »

Kidnapping and Murder in Salt Lake City

The news has been full of reports about the kidnapping and murder of Mackenzie Luek in Salt Lake City last week. While there have not been a lot of details released regarding the story, the sad reality is that this is not an isolated story in the United States. Mackenzie knew her kidnapper, whom she …

Kidnapping and Murder in Salt Lake CityRead More »

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