From the CEO

Over the past 267 days, my teammate and I have been working on the Captive Audience Blog, and have been looking deeply into several questions. First, how does one build the resilience required to survive incredibly bad situations, and even the most mundane ones? Second how does one maintain that survival mindset and resiliency throughout the rest of their lives? We have discussed some of these discoveries with our staff psychologist, and consulted with other experts. Some of these conclusions have been simple while some of these are incredibly complex. I would like to offer several points to ponder here.

  1. The best thing you can do is participate regularly in some type of presence of mind training. Presence of mind training is simply high pressure training that forces you to adapt and overcome difficult things under pressure while practicing a skill. I would recommend taking courses such as Krav Maga or another martial arts course, Open Water SCUBA, Community Emergency Response Team (CERT), Incident Command 100 (ICS100), Wilderness First Aid (WFA), and other individual, and family security training courses. The reason is that these types of courses force you to think under pressure and develop skills under realistic conditions. The military calls this stress inoculation and we all need it continuously.
  2. Develop a habit of situational awareness. I am not saying to become paranoid, but to learn how to rapidly process what right looks like so that you can rapidly recognize what wrong looks like and react to the threat. Get into the habit of being in the yellow constantly when you are away from home.
  3. Take care of your fulcrum by ensuring that you do some type of physical activity daily for at least 30 minutes, take care of your emotional needs, and your spiritual needs, eat, and sleep properly. An emergency or a crisis will not wait for you to catch up to it. It is better to enter it in balance rather than taxed physically, emotionally, or spiritually.
  4. Lastly take a Psychological First Aid (PFA) course. It will be incredibly helpful for you to be able to recognize the signs of crisis in yourself and those you love. The skills you will learn there are critical for leaders and the everyday person to possess. The bottom line is that PFA saves lives and is as important as learning how to stop the bleed.

Please keep an eye on our website, blog, LinkedIn, and Facebook page for times and locations of some of our incredible course offerings. We would love to train you, and help you with your stress inoculation. Our hope is to empower you with confidence wherever you travel and in your day to day life as well. Our blog is a great resource to start.

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Billy Jensen

CEO of Captive Audience PT and RT