From The CEO

Captive Audience Prevention Training and Recovery Team has taken some significant leaps forward over the past year in our efforts to support those facing or having faced captivity. Kidnapping for ransom, sex trafficking, forced servitude, organ trafficking, and other heinous crimes are on the rise around the world. One of the trends we have noted is that, in areas where counter narcotics efforts are becoming more successful, kidnapping for ransom and human trafficking are on the rise. Criminal networks, terrorist organizations, and opportunists are able to morph, shape shift, or resurge in some other form. Diplomatic efforts, as well as government strategy, are often quick to declare victory when in reality, these groups are quickly adapting and remanufacturing old ways of exploiting humans for their own gain. Our hope is to continue building partnerships to help find a way to stop them and bring those held captive home.
One of the questions we are repeatedly asked, is how well-developed our investigative techniques are. Captive Audience Prevention Training and Recovery Team members have several decades of experience investigating and analyzing terrorist and criminal networks throughout the world. We use the tried and tested methods developed and used by our elite Special Forces Units in Iraq, Afghanistan, North Africa, and throughout the world. We look at the entire criminal or terrorist nexus, how they are organized, operate, and react to stress. In the process, we used an evidence-based approach to our analyses to bring captives home and to prosecute those responsible.
Our crisis response capability has also been tested and proven. Captive Audience Prevention Training and Recovery Team has responded to several significant community crises, recovery events, and efforts to help individuals, families, and organizations through the aftermath of critical incidents. We have been invited to present some of our work at several international venues in 2019. Our training in Crisis Negotiation, Critical Incident Stress Management, and on the trauma of captivity have helped us develop into a strong stand-alone resource and a strong support resource.

2019 will be a significant year for our team as we continue to evolve, build partnerships, and work, both in our community, and internationally. We recently released a book this year called “365 Days of Survival” and will be releasing more work over the next year.
We have partnered with North East Off-Road Adventures in Ellenville, New York. We are scheduled to teach several seminars at their Catskills location. These courses include our cornerstone, Anti-Kidnapping and Hostage Survival, and an additional course called The Covert Protector. We will also be teaching wilderness survival courses and others throughout the year.
Our Virginia-based Private Investigative Services will support our community’s efforts to counter Human Trafficking when requested by families and agencies in need of help. Captive Audience Prevention Training and Recovery Team is also a Saved in America Quick Response Team and stands ready to respond to requests to help find missing and exploited children anywhere our licensure and credentials will legally permit.
Captive Audience Prevention Training and Recovery Team is in the process of partnering with several companies, and ministries with global reach. We plan to support our friends in North Africa, Europe, and Asia as we fight against the scourge of human captivity.
Captive Audience Prevention Training and Recovery Team is just getting started with a fusion self-defense and survival program. It was developed for multiple audiences and is overseen by our staff members with black belts in ten styles and training in over twelve fighting systems. Our self-defense system is unique as it blends our survival training and survival psychology into every aspect of our program. Keep your eyes open for our offerings.
January 1, 2019 promises to be the launch of an amazing year for our team. We truly hope to make a difference as we continue to build partnerships at home and abroad. Please contact us if we can make a difference by providing training, helping recover a loved one, or by providing crisis or post-crisis support. We stand ready, and hope to support you in any way that we can.

Warmest Regards;
Billy M. Jensen
CEO of Captive Audience PTRT