About Captive Audience

Captive Audience Prevention Training and Recovery Team (CAPTaRT) was established in 2017 to meets the world’s growing problem with hostage situations and kidnapping for ransom. Established by a retired army special forces operator with specialized training and experience in personnel recovery, CAPTaRT is comprised of a team with three decades of defense, intelligence, SERE, travel/personnel/facility security, counter terrorism, personnel recovery, infiltration/exfiltration, Critical Incident Stress Management, risk and threat assessments, and many more skills crucial to the company’s mission.

CAPTaRT offers three tiers of involvement in hostage and kidnap for ransom situations: Prevention, Mitigation, and Intervention. Customizable prevention training courses are offered to NGO’s, missionary organizations, airlines, media outlets, adventurers, vacationers, medical personnel, humanitarian aid workers, and many more who plan to travel to high risk areas. CAPTaRT offers multiple, multi-day instructional courses designed to empower clients to avoid hostage situations through evasion, self defense, and third party defense. Self rescue, escape, and survival courses are also offered to arm clients with the knowledge base and skill set to handle escalating situations.