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We are here to help. It is our heart and our life’s calling. We realize that we have had a lot of sobering things to say. Yesterday, I had lunch with someone and we were discussing my personal story and that of Captive Audience. He said to me, “You see this plate? You see this plate entirely differently than the rest of the world. 8.44 billion people out there see things one way. You and maybe 1000 others see it differently. What you know and what you see is already happening everywhere around us. You are not creating the problem. You simply acknowledge and understand it. Your job is to help everyone else do the same.” I was struck by his words. They were profoundly true. The problem set that Captive Audience is tackling is hidden in shadows. It is unknown and unfelt by most of the human population. It goes on every day in every place, unseen. But, have you ever thought, no matter how briefly, about what it would be like to live in captivity? We usually don’t let our minds go there for long or very deeply because it quickly becomes painful. What would a life without freedom be? How can a person grow in an environment that strips them of rights and all human dignity? What if it happened to me?

These are some of the questions we seek to answer. These are some of the problems we want to solve. Even better, prevent. The better and more effective counter narcotics measures have become, the more the criminal elements have turned to buying and selling humans as a replacement, illicit revenue stream. There is less risk and more reward and there are so many ways to sell human beings. When one sells drugs, they sell one drug one time and it is gone. One can sell a human over and over again through forced prostitution. One human being can be ransomed for millions of dollars. One human being can be scrapped and sold for $150,000 in wholesale parts. One human can be used for years to decades as forced and unpaid labor in homes, factories, mines, etc. One child can be stolen and sold on the black market to parents who want a child to raise or to a brothel with a pedophiliac clientele. Junior High School students are coerced into prostitution after school every day and then go home to parents who know nothing about what is happening.  Vacationers and adventurers and missionaries and humanitarian aid workers and journalists and disaster relief personnel and search and rescue folks get targeted and kidnapped while trying to do good and spend months to years in captivity under brutal conditions as they await a ransom payment for their release. Professors King and Weeks both spent years in captivity with the Taliban and the Haqqani Network. They were kidnapped August 7, 2016 and were just released last week in a prisoner exchange. They lost over three years of their lives to captivity and they will spend the rest of their natural lives trying to recover an elusive sense of stability and safety.

These are only some of the things we see every day. Our goal is not to scare you. We would not bring up a problem without proposing a solution. We have seen and studied and lived and breathed and worked this problem for so long. Our solution is to tackle it from 360 degrees. We train those who need to know how to protect themselves so that we can help them hold on to their freedom. This training is available to everyone. The information and skills we teach are the ones we have learned through decades of field experience. These are not just for service men and women or government operatives. We bring the best of our training and experience to you. We have robust recovery capabilities available to those for whom it has already gone too far. We also have trauma-informed psychology capabilities to get recovered people stabilized and handed off to longer term care. In other words, we encircle the problem before, during, and after.

Please reach out if we can help you at any point along the timeline. We are here to serve.

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