Labor Trafficking, Servitude, and Ruses to bring people to the US

We have human trafficking going on right under our noses here in the United States. My question is, how often do we miss it? Human beings are often brought to the United States and other western countries with the promise of a job, education, and a better life only to end up here exploited by opportunists.

Labor trafficking and domestic servitude are very similar to sex trafficking and are often times tied to the same people. Opportunists capitalize on exploiting humans at every turn. Cheap or free labor can be found in third world countries, recruited, and brought here under a host of ruses. Once here they can easily be separated from their passport and forced to pay back their recruiter for the plane ticket, lodging, and other niceties by working for free. We have encountered multiple cases of domestic slavery to find people destitute living under poor conditions in the home of their captor. Or in other cases forced to take care of kids, the elderly, or working as domestic servants. Do you know what to look for?

  1. Absence of paperwork, passport, or identification
  2. Evasive answers about their presence and how they got here
  3. Evasive answers about their work many of which do not make sense
  4. Being protective of their boss and avoiding real answers about their relationship
  5. Bruises and unexplained injuries
  6. Inability to maintain eye contact
  7. Never leaving the house or apartment without supervision
  8. Not speaking or replying to questions without permission
  9. Absence of income or large unsettled debt owed to one individual, nonprofit, or company.
  10. You are looking at the situation and it makes absolutely no sense.

Human trafficking takes all shapes and sizes. Human Trafficking is not just linked to sex and it is often right in our face. Human trafficking effects all, male and female, young and old, European, Asian, African, South American, and Australian, and North American. It is up to us to recognize the signs and report it when we see it. You can report these incidents to the National Human Trafficking Hotline 1 888 373 7888, or SMS 233733.

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