Put us in, Coach!

Taking the fight to the kidnappers and human traffickers

Kidnappers and Human Traffickers are operating without impunity throughout the world. There are currently an estimated 25-30 million humans in captivity being sold for sex, forced into labor, or exploited for ransom. Kidnapping networks on average get $150,000 to $500,000 USD per person in ransom payments. Ransoms often get far more expensive with some reaching exorbitant amounts reaching into the millions. Criminals, terrorists, cartels, gangs, and opportunists continue to find new ways to exploit human beings for profit, in one recent case, selling trafficked girls for sex to trafficked laborers.

Captive Audience Prevention Training and Recovery Team LLC and soon Captive Audience Prevention Training and Recovery Team INC are focused on fighting back against this scourge. We would like to align with groups who are traveling to the farthest reaches of the globe. We would like to provide you with the training you need to stay safe and not become a statistic. We would also like to be on speed dial if something does happen and you need crisis support. We would like to interface with organizations on the front lines of the anti-human trafficking fight. We would like to offer our experience, tools, and capabilities to help end the scourge and bring people home. We also realize that just because someone is home the fight is not over. It may take years for a kidnapping or trafficking victim to recover.

This problem is here in our own back yard and it extends through every country and every culture. We look forward to providing support to the fight, prevent those who serve from becoming victims, support those who need crisis support, and go after the networks of criminals who conduct these atrocities. “Put us in, Coach!”

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