Why is it easier for Human Traffickers, Kidnappers, and Criminals to succeed than for those who fight against them?

Over two years ago, we started Captive Audience Prevention Training and Recovery Team in order to fight back against human traffickers, kidnappers, and others who enslave or exploit humans in captivity. We took our decades of experience in the government sector and coupled that with additional training and certifications in the civilian sector. Not only are we comprised of experienced former Special Forces and Government operatives, but we are trained Hostage (Crisis) Negotiators, Private Investigators, Locksmiths, Wilderness First Aid Instructors, Technical Scuba Divers, Pilots, and Martial Artists. We not only provide training to individuals and groups going overseas to perform missionary service, aid work, and journalism, but also to the general public. Our Anti Kidnapping and Hostage Survival Courses continue to receive high marks and reviews. We have also provided investigative and crisis support on multiple overseas kidnapping and missing persons cases. We have worked directly with several governments and given them better information than they were able to obtain themselves. Despite the amazing reviews, we continue to provide far more assistance to the community without receiving a dime for it than we do for pay. In fact, once money comes up, those seeking training and help often drop off the radar. We have been pouring everything we have in to our mission to help prevent and resolve kidnappings and human trafficking situations. While we are in the process of setting up a parallel 501C Non Profit to cover the pro-bono work we are doing, we are fighting to get our services to those who need them.

Meanwhile there are an estimated 25 to 30 million humans being trafficked around the globe. Human traffickers, kidnappers, organ harvesters, sweat shop owners, and others make millions off of exploited human beings. Sadly here in the United States children, teenagers and adults alike are being trafficked, in many cases, out of their own homes. The average street pimp in the United States makes between $200,000 and $300,000 a year tax free with the high end pimps making millions of dollars a year. Everyone agrees that this is a problem but they are not willing to do anything about it. Others working in the anti-trafficking community keep anyone trying to fight against trafficking at arm’s length to ensure there is no competition. We have heard it all from those to whom we reach out, and assume we will hear even more as we try to fight the scourge of human captivity. Here are some of the things we have heard…

  1. You are a for profit and we only work with non-profits.
  2. We can replicate your training ourselves. Thank you for coming down here to teach for free, though.
  3. We have our own trainers. (Usually involving reaching out to missionary organizations. Upon investigation this is usually false.)
  4. Our high risk travelers will never be kidnapped. We don’t think your training is necessary.
  5. Three days is to long for training. Couldn’t we set up a ten minute, online briefing or course?
  6. Sure we would like to work with you. (Usually the last contact we have with them.)

The question is, why does any of this matter? Our questions back to you are how much is your life worth? Have you been trained in how to avoid situations that may lead to a kidnaping or for you to end up being extorted, robbed, murdered, or exploited by others? Have you been trained in how to survive if you are kidnapped? Does your family have a crisis plan in place in case anything bad happens in the family? Do you know what resources are available through the government and other organizations to help keep you safe? Can you get out of restraints? Pick a lock? Do you have any self-defense training in your back pocket? Do you have the presence of mind to survive the worst? Do you have the medical knowledge to treat trauma and survival emergencies? We have a vetted and proven training curriculum that answers all of these questions. We will travel to you to provide the training.

We provide:

In person consultation and training to groups and individuals

–          Anti-Kidnapping and Hostage Survival

–          Wilderness First Aid, Basic First Aid and CPR/AED. (We are certified ASHI Instructors.)

–          Women’s Self Defense, Self Defense, and in-depth home defense consultation

–          Virginia Private Investigative Services which include surveillance, counter surveillance, threat vulnerability assessments, stalking cases, skip tracing, asset research, and research and analysis. We also specialize in missing persons and anti-human trafficking cases.

–          We are available to assist with local anti-human trafficking efforts

–          We are always available to respond to overseas kidnapping, trafficking, or other related cases and family support

–          We teach wilderness survival and other related topics

–          We provide emergency preparedness planning and consultation

–          We provide virtual threat vulnerability assessments. We will look at your online profile through the lens of a criminal and show you where you are vulnerable.

If you or your family would like private, in-home instruction and you do not have time to travel to one of our classes, or you would like training for your family or group, please reach out to us at b.jensen@captiveaudienceptrt.com . We would love to help you stay safe here at home and abroad. If you head a missionary organization, humanitarian aid organization, are a freelance journalist, or a world traveler, we would love to hear from you. Let’s deny the bad guys the opportunity to exploit you and crush their business model by making it much harder for them. If you have business travelers or are an organization who fights against human trafficking or exploitation, please reach out to us and see how we can collaborate.


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