Across All Lines

For two weeks, we have been blessed by a unique opportunity. We have been training a multi-faith group of women in how to protect themselves in all situations. In the room, there are Jewish women, Christian women, and Islamic women. They have an amazing relationship with each other. Each person present is a devout adherent to her own faith. They dress the part, talk the part, and even their dietary choices are pre-selected according to what their Scriptures will allow them to have, yet all of these women are friends. They are happy and confident. There has been a lot of laughter and a lot of fun. They have been courageous as they step up and try every skill being taught. They have repeatedly asked us to ratchet up the intensity for them so they can prove to themselves that these techniques work, even when they are at a clear disadvantage.  It has been awe inspiring and humbling to work with this amazing group formed out of amazing sub-groups. As a result, we have been asked to come back and run the course again. One of the local churches is interested in further training. The mosque wants to run a course there for all the women who wanted to attend but couldn’t because of schedule conflicts.

It is almost beyond my ability to describe what it feels like to be a guest in such a harmonious place. If there was ever a perfect group of students or a perfect setting in which to teach, this has been it.  We have been getting comments every night that the husbands of these women want to attend. They want to learn what their wives are learning. They are happy that their wives are being empowered and the enthusiasm of this group of women has been infectious. Everyone is talking about it. People who could not sign up are asking for a chance to train. All in all, it has been a smashing success. To that end, we are actually looking into offering ongoing training on a weekly basis. We are also looking into offering coed classes. We are excited by this unforeseen opportunity to serve the people of our local community as continue to serve our worldwide community.

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