KRET: Kidnap, Ransom, Extortion, Terrorism

KRET risks are some of the biggest risks for businesses operating at home or abroad. Unfortunately these risks happen in both the physical domain and the cyber domain. The same actors who run the physical networks often handle the cyber networks. While a cyber kidnaping for ransom may not take away your physical freedom, it could quickly drain your life savings, destroy your reputation, and even take destroy your business providing the criminal with the same outcome. Cyber kidnap for ransoms are closely associated with cyber extortion attempts and are equally effective in providing the criminal with the desired outcome. We can say the same thing of cyber terrorism. It is important to train for and be prepared for the cyber equivalent of physical attacks because they could adversely affect your life, your reputation, and your business.

Our blog was recently attacked by malicious actors demanding that we pay a large ransom or they would use our brand and email address to discredit and destroy our company. These actors, true to their word, lashed out at us when we did not give in to their demands. I would like to personally apologize to anyone who received a phishing email from our email address. We are currently in the process of reporting the incidents and enhancing our security posture to prevent future attacks. Cyber kidnapping or extortion events can take away a small company’s momentum and rob them of their meager assets if we allow it.

We teach multiple strategies for surviving a kidnapping attempt in our anti kidnapping and hostage survival courses. These same strategies apply to cyber attempts. At the end of the day, it is important to remember who you really are, keep yourself grounded, and resist the kidnappers’ efforts to manipulate and control you. A victim gives in, a person becomes a survivor once they realize that they have choices, and is a conqueror if they knew they had choices and acted on them from the start. KRET threats are real and must be prepared for so keep training and improving daily.

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