10 Critical Tips for Business Travelers

The world runs on business and business regularly requires travel. This can be as exciting as any other kind of travel, but we want it to be exciting for the right reasons. Business travelers can find themselves at particular risk because of a perception (right or wrong) that they have a high net worth. Therefore, here are 10 things that business travelers should know…

  1. Do not make your company or position known to the general public. The higher the position, the more tempting the target.
  2. Vary your routes and times as you come and go from the hotel to the office and back again. Be unpredictable and hard to follow.
  3. Try to blend in and look like the indigenous business people.
  4. Be willing to work from the hotel in the event that a local crisis unfolds.
  5. Begin new relationships by offering something of value.
  6. Be knowledgeable in your field and be prepared to prove your subject matter expertise.
  7. Have something unusual or uncommon to offer your counterparts in the host country.
  8. Be consistent in your treatment of people. Be a person of your word and establish yourself as absolutely dependable.
  9. Be utterly likable but be sure to be genuine.
  10. Be honest about who you are, what you have, and what you can do. Be prepared to prove it.

We travel for business all the time and these tips have never let us down. Establishing yourself as an person of excellence and integrity as well as being kind and respectful to all, go as far toward establishing your security as being proficient in self defense.

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