If Not Us, Than Who?

Captive Audience got its name, not because of any intent to fleece our clients, but because we wish to call attention to a worldwide problem. A person who has been kidnapped, and all who love them, are indeed a captive audience. What can they do? The kidnapped individual and the people who love them are all being held hostage because of some group’s willingness to make money by preying on human beings. Leveraging love, the most potent of all emotions, they make their money by torturing the hearts and minds of innocent people. Because of their love, families talk to, comply with, and ultimately pay criminals, terrorists, gangs, and cartels to buy the release of the one they love. This speaks very well of those who value human life so highly. It reflects very poorly on those who exploit that system for gain. Who will step up and break this vicious cycle? Who will speak on behalf of the captives? Who will fight this abhorrent and predatory reality? If not us, than who?

We live in a utopian society. As Americans, it is easy for us to believe that everyone lives like we do, values human life and dignity, and abides by the rule of law. That is simply not true. It goes even deeper still. We tend to think that everyone has enough to eat, a home, a steady income, a decent government, and freedom. That is also not true. In those places for whom these statements are not true, bandits of all kinds arise to control and exploit the native and tourist populations. Kidnapping for ransom is rising exponentially every year because it has proven to be so lucrative. Before you begin to judge those who have paid ransoms and lay the blame for this problem at their feet, open your heart. If it was your husband or wife, brother or sister, son or daughter, mother or father in captivity, what would you do? Would you be willing to allow them to die so that you could make a moral, economic, social, or political statement? Very few of us could do that. So, what then? We can denounce and decry the evil of kidnapping, captivity, slavery, and trafficking. We can click the “like” button on Facebook. We can share and forward good articles to friends, colleagues, and family. What do those things really get us? In our society, we are all already in agreement that these things are bad. Believing that they are bad in no way solves the problem. “All it takes for evil to prevail is for men of good conscience to do nothing.” Never a truer word.

What can we do? What should we do? We at Captive Audience are tackling the problem from two angles simultaneously. We are offering anti kidnapping and hostage survival training to all who might find themselves in danger of being targeted. For the record, that is ALL OF US. We are also actively working to recover captives and hostages. There is a political difference between a captive and a hostage, although this distinction is not felt by the actual captive/hostage. Politically, a hostage is someone who is being held captive while monetary, political, or idealogical demands are made for their release. A captive is simply someone who is being held against their will while no external demands are being made. This category includes trafficking victims, sex slaves, domestic slaves, unlawfully detained persons, political prisoners, and specialty groups who are more valuable in captivity than any ransom they could bring. Because of our robust backgrounds in this narrow specialty, we are able to offer an entire menu of recovery options for both hostages and captives. There are many potential ways to recover these people and we are well versed in all of them. We work directly for companies and families who are in need of recovering an employee or family member. We work with and thru our own government, the host nation’s government, allied governments, local military, local law enforcement, local citizens, and many others to create an organized and united operation. Why do we do this? We care. It is that simple. We have a passion for freedom and our convictions have lead us to roll up our sleeves and join the fight. We have so much to offer. We have all had so many years of training and operational experience poured into us, it would be a crime to keep these to ourselves when we are so perfectly suited to do this work.

We have established a for profit company and a non profit company. Our vision is that the for profit company can fund the nonprofit company as we seek to serve the citizens of our world, whether or not they can pay. We just want to make a positive difference. We want to turn soft targets into hard ones, bring light into darkness, set captives free, and prosecute the criminals who are responsible. If not us, than who?

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