Why would I need to take Anti Kidnapping and Hostage Survival or a similar travel security course?

I am sure that many readers look at our Anti Kidnapping and Hostage Survival (AKHS) course offering and ask “Why would I ever need that?” Some of you have responded similarly on Facebook and even in person. Others might say that taking something like this will just make them paranoid. We have heard all of the excuses and even been told that there is never any threat of kidnapping in the places to which some people travel. Perhaps we have a lot to learn about marketing and telling our story, but our course is for everyone who travels regularly.

       Captive Audience Prevention Training and Recovery Teams course is first and foremost focused on prevention. We will train you in:

–          Pre-Trip Travel Planning; This includes legal documents, Travel Insurance, KFR Policies versus travel policies, Medical Evacuation Insurance, family and organizational planning, what items to carry including phones, beacons, US Policy regarding kidnappings abroad, and other planning considerations

–          Anti-Crime and Anti-Terrorism considerations as you travel; Where to sit on the airplane, how to avoid being targeted by terrorist and criminals along the way, taxi safety, and other important information

–          Anti-Crime and Anti-Terrorism considerations at your destination; Hotel Security, Surveillance and Security Awareness, how to lower you signature and avoid being targeted, self-defense, surviving a terrorist incident, and how to react to an active shooter incident

–          Kidnapping; How kidnappers operate, how to survive a kidnapping, the psychology of survival, and the psychology of captivity, escape from human restraints and physical restraints, facility escape, and incident resolution

–          Post Incident; How to deal with the aftermath, PTSD and the survivor, PTSD and the family, PTSD and those involved, Corporate Duty to Care, and organizations that provide support

          This list is not comprehensive but there is one thing we can promise you. We will  give you the benefit of our decades of experience, both during the course and afterwards.  We have continued to provide travel safety and security advice for our students long after they have attended one of our courses. These students have included missionaries, journalists, private security professionals, and everyday people seeking to improve their lives. Our next course is August 21st-23rd and our first ever Advanced Course will be held the 24th and 25th at the same location. The Advanced Course will allow the students to physically practice the skills they learned in the basic course and learn more advanced skills as well.


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