Anti-Kidnapping and Hostage Survival Course June 20-22, 2019 in Ellenville NY

Who should attend: We recommend that anyone who is an overseas business traveler, missionary, NGO worker, journalist, vacationer, high adventure traveler, or other globe-trotter, take this course. We also recommend this course for executive protection agents, security professionals, and clergy who sponsor overseas missionary programs.

Why it is important: Every year there are over 1000 reported cases of Americans being kidnapped abroad and young people being abducted in our own neighborhoods at home. We want to arm travelers and citizens with the tools to avoid trouble and enjoy their travel. We also want to arm people with the tools to survive if they are targeted.

Our Anti-Kidnapping and Hostage Survival is a three-day, intensive course tailored for our audience. We will train you on travel planning, travel safety, situational awareness, anti-kidnapping, self-defense, escape from human restraints, escape from physical restraints, escape from facilities, the psychology of survival, family and corporate preparedness, crisis response, and many other topics.

Our Anti-Kidnapping and Hostage Survival Course is not a paramilitary evasion course set up to abuse you and make you feel badly about yourself. We do not place you in any situation in which you are not prepared to be placed. Safety is built into all aspects of our course.

We will train you and encourage you to apply the tools we have given you in short-duration, controlled exercises.

In short, we provide this course to train you and not traumatize you. We want you to walk away with the training and skills to stay safe in your travels and survive if the unforeseen happens. The skills we teach will also make you a better leader, a more informed citizen, and a reliable and knowledgeable colleague.

Other courses are out there for you, but no one brings the expertise and the passion for this topic like we do. We still have seats left. Sign up at the link below.

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