Are you fit enough to survive? (I am not going to die here today.)

One last lesson from the Salt Creek kidnapping

The Salt Creek Kidnapping has been full of lessons learned and I would like to share one more lesson with you before we move on to another case study. My question for everyone is, are you fit enough to survive? Twenty thee year old Lena Rabente woke up to the screams of her friend Beatriz and immediately went into action. Lena’s immediate response and fearless action saved both of their lives. Lena distracted the attacker, forcing him to focus his attention on her, which bought Beatriz time. Lena was hit in the head with a hammer, chased by a Land Rover, and endured a wild ride on its top after she jumped up on the hood and onto the roof. Lena never gave up. She told herself “I am not going to die today.” Her example is one we ought to consider as we ask ourselves what it might take to get away.

One of my favorite workouts (despite having to take a lot of Motrin afterward) is called “Run-Fight-Run”.  Run-Fight-Run is a workout which involves a lot of cardio mixed in with combative bouts followed by cardio and repeat. My analysis of the Salt Creek kidnapping timeline is that Lena’s fight lasted approximately thirty minutes. Lena had been hit multiple times in the head with a hammer, may have been cut by a knife, and was bleeding profusely. I can only imagine how much pain was involved in this ordeal, and as Lena later explained, she was filled with adrenalin, which is what saved her.

You can do a simple Run-Fight-Run on your own with the assistance of a heavy bag or several heavy bags and a treadmill or track. My personal regimen after a warm up is 30 seconds all out on the treadmill, 30 seconds all out on the heavy bag, 1 minute all out on the treadmill, rest for 1 minute then repeat. I do two versions of this workout, one for standup which involves strike and kick combinations. The ground based version is a bit different because I take the heavy bag off the mount and do throw and ground-pound combinations on the ground. I usually only get about 15 minutes into this workout before hitting failure and try to push past it. There are a lot of versions of Run-Fight-Run out there which will all tax your cardio system, but there is no substitute for getting to a dojo or gym occasionally for a run-fight-run workout involving an opponent. You may only be able to fit this in once a month or once per quarter based on your lifestyle, but we recommend you incorporate it into your program.

Lena and Beatriz are incredibly lucky to be alive, and my hat is off to both of them. If there ever was a story of two conquerors with indomitable spirits, it is these two. Lena described the conqueror’s attitude the best when she told herself “I am not going to die here today!” We cover Run-Fight-Run in our book 365 Days of Survival, which is available on Amazon. We also highly recommend that even if you have a martial arts or combatives background, that you dust off your training often. Take a self-defense class, learn a new style, or do something to knock the cob webs off. If all you do is add Run-Fight-Run to your workout and simply harness your own Rabid Chipmunk, it will be there for you when you need it.

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