The Truth About What A Captive Can Expect

There are currently over 1000 confirmed cases of westerners in captivity somewhere in the world. Westerners are targeted at a higher rate because they are perceived to be individually wealthy. A western hostage will bring a ransom of anywhere from $250,000 to $20,000,000. Even with Kidnap and Ransom Insurance, the individual’s family or company will have to pay the ransom out of pocket and, if the policy is deemed to be intact, will eventually be reimbursed by the insurance company. The amount of time a westerner spends in captivity in a kidnap for ransom situation is measured from weeks to years. We are currently working on a case where the captive has been held for 6+ years. The living conditions are often times as crude as a bombed-out building or a tarp in the woods. The treatment they receive during that time is inhumane and almost always consists of abuse, neglect, rape, torture, starvation, forced servitude, humiliation, forced religious conversion and adherence, and even mutilation. There is no quality of life. Disease, injury, depression, pain, darkness, isolation, fear, despair, and boredom are the captive’s closest companions. Human dignity is forgotten. Hygiene is a fantasy. Rights are a memory.

How much is your life worth? Captive Audience Prevention Training and Recovery Team offers Anti Kidnapping and Hostage Survival Training. This training focuses on:

Prevention of kidnapping through awareness, decision making, and skills
Travel Security
Psychological Fortitude
Acting and Compliance with Authorities
Psychological Stabilization

If you knew that you were risking such a dramatically negative change in the quality of your life, would you want to know how to prevent it? We can help you stack the deck in your favor.

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