The Story of our Logo

Do you know what it means to have a calling? Have you ever felt a burning passion in your heart for a mission or a cause? Have you ever been so personally motivated to fight evil, that you have thrown yourself, and everything you have, into it? We have. Captive Audience Prevention Training and Recovery Team is a statement. It is a mission. It is a cause. This is war and we have chosen our side.

One winter day, two friends were hiking the Appalachian Trail together as they talked about life. One asked the other, “Would you do something epic with me?” That is how all of this began. That conversation gave birth to a very special company with a very special mission. Our story was captured in a stunning logo that never fails to generate notice and interest. It begins with two crossed arrows in the foreground. Those are particularly precious to us. These arrows stand for our service in the United States Army Special Forces. The Green Berets. These arrows remind us that our mission is to free the oppressed. Behind the arrows is a sword that stands erect. The point is up and the hilt is down to show that we are actively in the fight. There is a globe in the pommel to show that we will go anywhere on earth on order to set captives free. There are no boundaries to our mission. The knuckle guard is made out of two lions. This shows that we are fierce in our determination to overcome evil and will not be easily stopped or turned back. There is a small fish engraved on the blade. This symbolizes that we are people of faith. Behind the sword is a yin yang. This is, of course, the ultimate symbol for good and evil. They are locked in an epic struggle for control of humanity. The colors are green and white. Green is a tribute to our Green Beret roots. White is a tribute to purity and having chosen sides. We are the good guys. No matter what happens, we believe that good will triumph over evil. The end of the story is already assured.
We have chosen our side. We choose to bring light into darkness and set captives free. It is who we are. It is what we do. When you wear this symbol, you show the world that you have chosen sides too.

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