Train as though your life depends on it

All of my life I have had one motto, “Train as if your life depends on it!” We at Captive Audience live and breathe that motto every day. We will be offering two separate courses 90 miles North of Manhattan in Ellenville, New York March 6-8th, and 9-10th.

March 6-8th is a course I would want all of my family members who travel overseas to take. Anti-Kidnapping and Hostage Survival trains you in travel safety and awareness, airline travel awareness, taxi travel awareness, hotel security awareness, and how to avoid becoming a victim. We also teach the psychology of survival and some psychology lessons for everyday life. We also teach some amazing survival self-defense and other techniques that may come in handy wherever you are.  In short, we want people to be carefree and we teach you how to have situational awareness without compromising your travel enjoyment. On March 9-10th our Covert Protector course gives parents, families, and everyday people, life skills to help in some of the emergencies we face today. We use skills taught in executive protection courses, to help arm you to get yourself and those you care about, out of bad situations and places. We still have seats available for both courses.

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