Why should I take Anti-Kidnapping and Hostage Survival or other Traveler Awareness Training?

The other day we spoke a gentleman who will be traveling to a Mexican resort area for a conference in a few weeks. As quickly as we heard the word Mexico we handled the gentleman our business cards and told him about the training we will be offering March 6-8th, 90 miles North of Manhattan in Ellenville NY. The conversation quickly changed as we told him about the security situation in Cancun, and what the resorts don’t want you to hear. One of the things I learned in my career in the military and government, is that no one likes to be briefed on the truth when the truth does not match what you want to hear. Traveling to Cancun, Acapulco, Mexico City, or even Tijuana can all be positive events if you are trained to avoid trouble. If you aren’t trained to avoid trouble, the opposite may be true, and naiveté could be the very thing that gets you killed, kidnapped, raped, extorted, or just plain taken advantage of. To those who would like to argue this point with me, please do a simple exercise on Google and search the words Kidnapping and Cancun and see what comes up. I am sure by the time you complete that exercise your mind will be blown.

So what? I will cancel my travel plans and hide in my basement. That is a safe bet, but when we do that, the cartels, gangs, terrorists, and other garden variety criminals win. Often, the well-resourced will simply say “Ok. I will beat this problem by hiring a fixer, a body guard, a driver, and pay for the best security money can buy.” I would offer another calloused answer. If you didn’t’ bring those folks with you, they are not reliable, and may be complicit in planning your kidnapping. There are plenty of reports implicating security and police officials in Mexico and other locations to kidnappings, trafficking, and other criminal activity. Nothing compensates for personal knowledge and training. Your personal security is first and foremost your own responsibility regardless of who you are and how much money you have.

I know of several travel security courses run by others, but let me tell you what we teach. We do things differently than the other companies, and we come at security with more than just the industry standard or experience. Special Forces soldiers really hate being trained with just the industry standard, or with watered down content. We give you more than you ask for, and when you train with us you know that you have been trained. I also have to mention that we hate power-point, and only use it when it is helpful, which is not a lot. This is what you will learn.

  • Travel planning and travel safety
  • Crisis plannign and response
  • Situational Awareness (how to know if you are being targeted)
  • Hotel Security
  • Taxi Security
  • The Baseline (living in the yellow)
  • Airplane Security
  • Self-Defense
  • Self-Rescue
  • Restraint escape and defeat
  • Survival Psychology
  • How not to get Ruphied at a bar
  • Getting rescued
  • Survival Medicine
  • Proof of life
  • Types of kidnapping, extortion, and terrorism events
  • Insurance
  • Your family, company, and what happens during and after a kidnap for ransom
  • And much MUCH more…

The bottom line is that this is the most basic level of travel awareness training everyone should have. As I stated before, your personal security is not something that you can safely delegate to anyone else. Your personal security is simply your own responsibility. If you can’t attend our training, then seek out training at another location. Be hungry for the knowledge that can save your life, and never hide in your basement. I have attached the link to the Anti Kidnapping and Hostage Survival Course registration page, because we still have slots available.We hope to see you there.


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