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Bringing you the very best of over three decades of training in captivity prevention and hostage survival as well as hostage recovery support services
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The morale implications of resistance

In December of 2016, UK film-maker Phil Cox and his friend Daoud Hari made their way from Chad into Sudan to make a film about the war-torn Darfur Region. Within just a few days of arriving, they were kidnapped. They spent 70 days in captivity. The entire story is a compelling read and I want …

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10 tips to help you get your head out of your app

We have spent time over the past few weeks researching the last string of active assailant attacks across the globe. The recent incidents in Garland, El Paso, and Dayton are just a few as well as a knife wielding assailant in New Zealand. We continuously ask the question, “How can we help make people aware …

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What Would YOU Like To Know?

For the last two and a half years, we have built and delivered courses to the general public on many different aspects of security. Our focus is on preventing and responding to captivity situations of all kinds, but at client’s requests, we have also delivered training on disaster response/security, school security, active shooter response, house …

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10 Critical Tips for Business Travelers

The world runs on business and business regularly requires travel. This can be as exciting as any other kind of travel, but we want it to be exciting for the right reasons. Business travelers can find themselves at particular risk because of a perception (right or wrong) that they have a high net worth. Therefore, …

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10 Critical Tips for Studying Abroad

Studying abroad can be the most exciting thing ever to come into the life of a college student. It offers mystery, adventure, and the chance to get to know another culture personally. Most adults look back at their study abroad time with nostalgia. Here are 10 tips for how to conduct yourself as a student …

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10 Critical Tips for International Vacationers

Anyone who leaves their country of origin for a destination abroad has any number of inherent challenges ahead of them. However, travel is an amazing experience which I would not care to withhold from anyone. It enriches lives, brings understanding and education, and leaves people with memories they will cherish for a lifetime. The world …

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