“Captive Audience presented an outstanding workshop that really opened my eyes as a traveler.  They combined decades of practical experience with the ability to make it understandable to someone without a military background.  This is a must-do workshop for any corporate executive, NGO worker or frankly anyone who wants to move through the modern world with eyes wide open.”

  • David Vinjamuri – author, journalist and NYU professor

Outstanding Workshop

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Labor Trafficking, Servitude, and Ruses to bring people to the US

We have human trafficking going on right under our noses here in the United States. My question is, how often do we miss it? Human beings are often brought to the United States and other western countries with the promise of a job, education, and a better life only to end up here exploited by … Continue reading Labor Trafficking, Servitude, and Ruses to bring people to the US

Getting There

We just returned from a series of teaching events along the eastern seaboard. A few weeks ago, a journalist from Insider Magazine interviewed our CEO for an article she intended to write. The article came out this morning and here is the LINK.    

Put us in, Coach!

Taking the fight to the kidnappers and human traffickers Kidnappers and Human Traffickers are operating without impunity throughout the world. There are currently an estimated 25-30 million humans in captivity being sold for sex, forced into labor, or exploited for ransom. Kidnapping networks on average get $150,000 to $500,000 USD per person in ransom payments. … Continue reading Put us in, Coach!

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